Friday, August 31, 2007

Jukebox Hero

I am the intellectual auntie. The literary one. Sure, I'm a bit more of a free spirit that my nephews' other aunts, but I've always been a stickler for giving challenging, educational or otherwise odd presents for birthdays and Christmas. From an early age, they've known that mine was not the package of Harry Potter Legos or was more likely to be some weird monster building kit or the actual Harry Potter books.

So you can imagine their surprise when I arrived with a belated birthday present for their Xbox 360. I'd sworn I'd never contribute to this mind-numbing time waster. That I would never participate in a stupid video game when I could be doing something real instead.


Guitar Hero II was on sale at Target this week. And, though it seemed to go against every sensibility I have, I'd heard rave reviews of a fabled guitar game from people I trust...even been encouraged to try it myself because I'd love it...and so I called around to verify that this was the right one and sunk the cash for an uncharacteristically mainstream present.

The nephews were thrilled...they'd had a version of it but broke the guitar and have been content to play at friends' houses or with a standard keyboard, and they LOVE this game. It got even better when I agreed to take a turn. I knew songs they weren't expecting me to know, and I was pretty okay at it...I made it through Surrender and the bass part to Killer Queen and Rock This Town at the Medium level, and am working my way through Girlfriend. I've even encouraged them to put a little english into their performances...none of this standing still concentration to hit the notes. Star Power is NOT just for when you get points.

I'm conquering Freebird before the weekend's out. And if they have Walk this Way or The Immigrant Song online, I'm SO downloading them.


michaelg said...

You are the cool aunt. Did you play Freebird with your teeth? Remember the band that played at DHS that played part of the Freebird guitar solo with their teeth? I thought that was so cool back then. Now I would think they are damaging their precious dental work.

Mnmom said...

Don't go near a Wii, I'm warning you, DON'T go near a Wii, you'll be lost forever to the dark side.

Tenacious S said...

I look forward with great anticipation to a Wii, pichers of beer and Wii bowling. Now that sounds like some fun. I'm also afraid of the monster that would be created if we owned Guitar Hero.

Bramley Apple Pies! said...

Glad they liked it! FYI, I was able to play Freebird the second time I tried it. I blame the piano lessons my mom made me take.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Careful as you tread down that path, I've lost days and almost weeks to the 360.