Monday, August 13, 2007

Pretty Woman looks creepy from this side of 40

Richard Gere was my age today when he made Pretty Woman. Which makes him 58 today, which is odd. But I digress.

I have the kind of insomnia that makes you jumpy tonight, and I had to get out of bed before I hurt myself. So I came downstairs and turned on the telly and Pretty Woman was just starting, so I grabbed some clementines from the fridge and sat down to watch it.

For starters, may I just say that in 1990 the dress and hip boots Julia Roberts was wearing when he picked her up were skanky ho clothes. From the perspective of 2007, they look like something a 20 year old would wear clubbing on a Friday. That icks me out.

As does the fact that old-man Richard Gere falls in love with this childlike prostitute. Forget the whole ingenue as prostitute thing, which feminists much smarter than I have lambasted ad nauseum. She's not just a small town girl...there are times that she seems positively stunted. Less mature than my 12 year old nephew. And by the end of the movie she's seduced by a power-mad 41 year old multi-millionaire. He's not unable to commit. He's a sexual predator.

How is this a love story?


wonderturtle said...

I always thought it was creepy, and cheesy.

Bubs said...

Thank you. I never got the raves that this movie received.

By the way, have you ever noticed that old people LOVE Julia Roberts? Why is that?

lulu said...

I've never liked that movie.

kirelimel said...

I agree with your assessment that 80's ho clothes have gone mainstream, or at least, to Brittany Spears.

And having pondered the whole thing, I'll agree that she was a bit of a 'tard. I mean, who really has to mouth the words when they count the tines on the fork?

I will admit that when it came out, I did love it. But I was a poor, starving young 20 something. Now, I can agree that it was a bad movie. But it was the shopping spree, I think that's what appealed most to me.

Coaster Punchman said...

But didn't you love it when they finally let her shop?

Megan said...

My sister LOVED that movie, but I could never really get into it. The whole kept woman thing just doesn't appeal to me.

Dale said...

I hated that movie and immediately disowned someone I knew who loved it. Okay, it took a few years but eventually I did.

Melinda June said...

Seems we all have good taste, or at least we do now.

Old people love the horse teeth. They envy them.

And yes, it rocks when they let her shop. But I'm still the Mary.