Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tally: vol 2

  • One McDonald's breakfast burrito, part of an Egg McMuffin and a cup of McDonald's coffee while we read the paper
  • One viewing of Sweet Land, which is romantic and lovely and beautiful, and looks just like you want love to look
  • One trip to the post office
  • Eyebrow wax while Mom had a wash and blow dry at Eclips
  • Photo taken for the paper to commemorate an earmarked hospice donation in my Dad's name
  • One more stop at McDonald's for a soft-serve cone (they're 49 cents each, for pete's sake)
  • One trip to Culver's for an iced tea with Mom and Carol
  • One very rushed trip home so the van didn't get hailed on
  • Dinner at the Oaks, the steakhouse in the old Cliff House hotel. Say, that Dan has sure done a nice job, hasn't he? I went to high school with him. Don't I remember?
  • One game of scrabble, Mom 316, Me 313
  • One viewing of Hairspray (the Divine version), wherein I explain to Mom why CP and I adore it and she laughs at the cartoon-like nature of the original and points out how the new one is better.


michaelg said...

Did you see my dad with all the other old farts at McDonalds?

Coaster Punchman said...

That's it. She's not getting "Hairspray" from me. Did you tell her about our Thanksgiving with the gym teacher?

Scott said...

Damned tourists... go back where ya came from!

(I'm not really a crotchety old man. I'm a youthful, and terribly handsome, friend of yours from school.)

Melinda June said...

Any friend of mine is youthful and terribly handsome, scott. But the big question is are you a YES or NO in the East Side School debate?

Melinda June said...

Checked out your blog. You're a YES I see.

The debate was one of my favourite things while I was in Decorah.