Thursday, August 02, 2007

Things you learn surfing while you wait for the Daily Show

I still have a huge crush on Hyde from That 70's Show. You'd think I'd outgrow it. But I haven't. I think it's the anti-establishment intellectualism masquerading as an Everyman. Or maybe the mischievous twinkle in his eye. Or maybe that mega white-man's 'fro and those cool glasses. Hubba Hubba.

The folks on Friends really aged during the course of that show. The women lost a lot of weight, and the men seemed to have gained it all. Their haircuts from the first few seasons are hard to look at. And Joey is the funniest character.

I have not seen enough Simpsons episodes.

It's supposed to rain on Sunday, the day the person is coming to do my garden.

The King of Queens is not necessary.

There is a lot of complete and total crap on television.


Beth said...

I have a crush on Hyde, too. That 70s Show takes place during my high-school years, and I had a crush our on school's Hyde. He's just damn cool, with a splash of bad boy.

Joey and Chandler were one of the best couples of 1990s TV.

Marni said...

I loved Hyde, too! Love the bad boys...

Chris said...

You're right. The King Of Queens is totally unnecessary.

BeckEye said...

They should create a new channel called The Fat Guy/Skinny Wife Network where they can put The King of Queens and all of its lookalike crapfest shows.

Dale said...

I have no idea who Hyde is but I am aware of the purposeless King of Queens.