Saturday, August 11, 2007

Using what's in the fridge, vol 6.

It's warm. I wanted to grill. I wanted something delicious. I didn't want to go shopping for extras. So I made:

Chicken Tikka Kebabs

Cut up some chicken breasts/thighs. Mix a cup of plain yogurt, squeeze in some lemon (one squeeze is fine) and stir in some curry powder. Toss the chicken in it, put it in the fridge, and then let it sit there. I started this at 4 and cooked it at 7, but if I'd been planning ahead I'm sure I could have let it sit longer and it would have been even tastier.

Take a few bamboo skewers and put them to soak in some warm water.

Heat the broiler or grill.

Skewer the chicken. As you do it, it helps to take some of the yogurt off with your hands because too much will get all weird under the grill. Weird like burny.

Put it under the broiler or on the grill. Cook until done and nicely browned, turning frequently to make it even.

I use the broiler in the oven, so I was able to do the salad while that cooked...I cut a cucumber, a couple of tomatoes, part of a red onion, part of a red chili and some cilantro, and then I squeezed in a bit of the lemon and added some salt and pepper. Tossed it around, and used it as my side dish. Nicely cool with a little hot bite, and a perfect compliment to the kebabs.

I didn't have naan and I haven't mastered making it (though I hear it's easy and plan to try), so I just ate that. With a Gerwurtzaminer on the side.

And I'm betting this would do wonders to a firm-fleshed fish, as well. I might try that some day with intent.

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Writeprocrastinator said...

All that's missing is a little lamb briyani and some naan.