Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two weeks and counting

In two short weeks, I will be flying back to the US for 18 days. I am very excited. It's a very necessary trip, both because I've been horribly homesick since I got back and really want to spend some time with my family, and because it is my last chance to relax before I have to hit the books heavily to finish my degree.

I have a lot of work to do between now and then...there is research on my merger and acquisition project so I am prepared for the response document I have to write before the end of September. I have an individual report to finish for Globalization, and then I have research for the group report that's due at the end of September. I have to get my head around my Leadership project and have some conversations with my Innovation team and blah, blah blah.....All in two weeks. Pleh.

So far, I've set myself a task each night and have stuck to it. The house is now one night away from being completely organised...I have the piles down to two medium size ones to sort through and shred...laundry is done, beds are made up, towels are folded, and suitcases are unpacked and stowed (yes, from the trip I took in June.) I've got my desk at work organised and all of the necessary projects under control, and I'm about 75% happy with my CV.

Tomorrow is CV night...it will be done and emailed to a few people who've offered to look at it, and jobs will be applied for by Friday.

Thursday is Cuba paper....I've given myself a deadline of Monday for that one.

And the list goes on. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

BUT! Once I'm home, I get to have my hair touched up and fashionably cut, I get to try on a few new clothes from my sales shopping, I get to have coffee and cocktails with friends, and most importantly I get to just hang with my family. I expect there will be much scrabble playing, as usual, and I'm already savouring the deliciousness of a bratwurst with a pile of caraway kraut in my head. And it's due to be sweet corn season, too, and it's the MINNESOTA STATE FAIR! What more could I want?????


Tenacious S said...

Not much, Mindy. I recently had one of the best bratwurst of my life and it was a near religious experience. Have a wonderful relaxing trip before the knobs get turned to "11."

Bubs said...

Hey, if you have to fly into O'Hare give us a call if you have time.