Friday, August 10, 2007

How to have my friday night

If your Friday plans cancel and you find yourself at loose ends, here's an what I did when the same fate befell me.

1) Go to the grocer on your way home from work and pick up a few things to get you by until you fly home in 12 days.
2) Your sciatica is a little out of kilter, so go home instead of the gym.
3) Put the groceries away and change into shorts and a comfortable shirt. Plaid shirts are best.
4) Get out your 70's era Underdog glass from the Pepsi Collection series. Put the following in it:

Mindy's Mojito
- 3 sprigs of mint, preferably spear-type
- muddle/crush
- 1 teaspoon of sugar, powdered or granule, or even splenda if you wish, and the juice of one lime
- Stir this and muddle a bit more
- Add ice to the top of the glass
- Add two shots of white rum (I have some delicious Cuban stuff, but you can use whatever)
- Add a splash, JUST a splash of brown rum (again, I have Cuban. Nanananana.)
- Top off with soda water.
- Add a splash of peach bitters and stir.

5) Go sit down and watch the Friday night Eastenders. Multitask with some internet surfing.
6) Throw some steamed dumplings in the microwave, and while they cook stirfry some bok choy and carrots and garlic slices, tossing with a little dark soy right before you finish. Put some dark soy and a splash of white wine vinegar in a dish and make a dipping sauce, then plate it all and eat up.
7) After dinner, decide you've earned another mojito, so make one. Find a few jobs at major US corporations and put them in the cart so you can apply over the weekend. (Cover letters are best written sober.)
8) Complete the New York Times crossword puzzle.
9) Blog a little bit, so that others can replicate your fine fine evening.
10) Tune up the VCR and put in the copy of Just the Way You Are that lulu mailed you, and enjoy the delightfully bad acting and the wonderful Abba soundtrack. Nothing like a movie about a peg-legged violinist to entertain you. (So she's a crippled flutist. Same thing. By the way, who ever decided that soprano sax music was sexy? It's SO not.)

It's been a long week. This is exactly what I needed.


Coaster Punchman said...

The Blogger "favorites" links no longer link us up on any of our shared movies. Damn.

Tenacious S said...

Or if you're me, blow off overdue assignment, drink beer, get in cab, listen to ridiculously loud music, drink more beer, get in cab, go to bed.

Melinda June said...

Who'd you see?

lulu said...

Or if you're me, have your bearer make you a lovely fried rice dish, and then head to a party where you sit on pillows made out of sari fabric, drink a lot of red wine. Forget your cell phone so that you have no way of contacting your driver. Have someone's driver drive you home.

Bubs said...

That looks like an excellent mojito recipe. I like your routine for Friday nights.