Monday, August 27, 2007

Tally: vol. 1

  • One Culver's chocolate custard with butterfinger chips
  • Half of a Culver's tuna salad wrap
  • Some of my mom's Culver's Club Salad
  • Two trips to Super Walmart, one for a box fan and another for a wet/vac. We had a mega thunderstorm in the night and my mom's house is built on soil high in clay content with lots of limestone springs running deep in the ground. This means that the neighbourhood can be prone to a bit of basement flooding in heavy rain. Lucky us...the sump pump broke and we woke to much water in the basement. My day has been spent with plumbers, moving furniture of saturated carpet and sopping wet boxes from parts of the cement side of the basement, getting said carpet lifted and then wet-vaccing the carpet pad. (about 8 gallons out thus far.)
  • One game of scrabble to relax - Mindy 374, Mom 277, with a bingo for Mindy with "begonia"


Mnmom said...

Get a basement watchdog at Menards to keep the pump running when the power goes out. We live on a swamp in Northfield MN and we know.

Coaster Punchman said...

Don't shop at Wal-Mart. Surely Decorah has other places you can get these items.

Grant Miller said...

There's no Culver's or Wal-Mart in the UK?

Bubs said...

Sorry about the flooding. We were lucky and didn't get water.

CP, I don't think Decorah does. You'd have to go as far away as Cedar Rapids to find a Lowe's or suitable alternative.

Melinda June said...

Thanks for the tip, MnMom. I told my mom and we're off to find one today.

We do some fine, fine living here in small town America, Grant. The limey bastards can have their wine bars and gastro pubs. Butterburgers for everyone!

You are correct, Bubs. Plus the trips to Walmart are part of the fun here. Being in Decorah is opposite land, wherein I do nothing that I do anywhere else.

michaelg said...

Ah, our fair childhood home on the carst topography of Northeast Iowa.
I love your description of Decorah as opposite land. It is so true for me too.
In its defense, I will say that in Decorah you can get a mean Spider Roll at Cho Sun for about $9.00 and some good tuna sushi for $2.95 for two. They have remarkably good fish.