It's the little things

Man, it has been a nasty few days. I've had a large project due at work and have spent the majority of the weekend and the day getting it done. This meant ducking in and out of school over the weekend, working Saturday and Sunday, and basically giving up any sense of a life. I hate that.

But it is 930pm now, the work is done and I am home on the sofa watching The Daily Show With Jon Stewart- World Edition, a Monday-night compilation show of highlights from the last week. (We get shows a day late Tuesday - Friday, but I use Mondays to catch up in case I missed something from Rob Riggle or Jason Jones.) Things are much much better.

And I've had a few triumphs, as well. The document is 70 pages long without budgets (each of the three budgets is about 12 pages) but it all looks very organised and detailed. And I got a difficult point across to a stubborn supplier without losing my temper, even though I was squishing her head in my mind.

My top achievement, though, is that I figured out how to turn off my car stereo.

I have one of those pop-off face stereos in my little Audi, and for the two and a half years I've had this car the only way I've known how to turn off the stereo was to pop its face off....if you didn't, it kept playing when you turned the car off, and I was sure it wouldn't go off on its own and would drain my battery. To be fair, it also shut off if I popped the CD out while the car was off, but that wasn't always convenient. If you know me at all, you know that this bothered me immensely. IM. MENSELY. But as hard as I tried, I couldn't figure out how to turn it off, so I kept popping the face and tossing it in the glovebox, and am lucky I didn't slam it in the door and break it. Sure, it gave me an excuse to fondle the occasional knee or two, but as a rule it was dead annoying.

But, this weekend, I figured out that if you push one of the buttons and hold it down for a little over a second, it turns the stereo off and you can leave it in place when you get out of the car.

And how, you ask, did I figure this out?

Well, I took the manual out of the glovebox and looked up "Off".


BeckEye said…
I had a radio like that too, when I still drove. It took me a while to figure it out too. Why is it that pulling out the manual is always the last resort?

I had the same problem with setting the clock. I could never remember how to do it, so when daylight savings came along, I would just drive around having to remind myself that I was an hour behind. I usually pulled out the manual and fixed it...about a month before we went back to regular time. Then...repeat.
You are brill-iant. Surely smart enough to be running Europe next year. Remember, George will cook and I will clean. It will all be good.
Cup said…
There's nothing more thrilling than figuring out the easy thing ... years later. I live my life that way.
My car radio's clock still hasn't "sprung forward," as there is such an odd combination of buttons to push to reset the time. Every time change, it usually takes me three days to reset it, but I've been unusually lazy this time out.
Melinda June said…
I'm still smug with my acomplishment. And now that it's daylight savings time the clock is correct, too. I'm cooking with gas, I tell you.

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