Delicious Dinner

Effortless, and cooked while I showered after the gym.

Flatten a chicken breast.
Put it in a shallow baking dish.
Slap on some serrano ham.
Put a thin slice of lemon on each end.
Dot the middle with a little bit of butter and then grind some pepper over it.

Put it in the oven (180C, whatever that is F) and bake for like a half an hour.

Ten minutes before it's done toss some asparagus with some olive oil, sea salt and pepper and toss it in the pan, too.

You have just enough time to blow dry your hair, pour a glass of wine and get the plate ready.

And if you're as lucky as me, you'll sit down to find Pretty in Pink is just starting, so you can keep one eye on it while you read your Globalisation prepwork. By the way, why is it she's such a funky dresser throughout the movie, but then creates that butt ugly prom dress? (And technically gingers shouldn't wear that much pink.)


Tenacious S said…
That prom dress did not do a thing for her figure! WTF? Rest of her clothes rocked. I believe that movie is Annie Potts' finest performance ever.
Kireliols said…
Well, "Pretty in Apricot" wouldn't have had the same punch, now would it?

I've always believed in the intense ugliness of the dress. NEVER thought it was the least cool.

I also have always been bothered by the fact that she forgives Andrew McCarthy just because Ducky says he didn't come with anyone. He still didn't have the balls to take her. Unforgivable. She should have picked the Duck Man.

Mindy...remember "Fresh Horses?"
Valerie said…
I think originally she was supposed to end up with Ducky, but test audiences didn't like that ending.

The thing that makes that movie for me, is the soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, I love it for other reasons, but the music really makes it.
Melinda June said…
Seriously, Ten. Doesn't she look AWFUL in that stupid, stupid dress?

It is a complete shame she didn't choose Ducky. He was hot. Obviously the test audiences were more like those richie riches with their preppy clothes and feathered hair than they were like us Molly Ringwald types.

The soundtrack is awesome. I even downloaded it last night because I missed it.

And no, Kirst. Don't remember Fresh Horses because is sucked and we walked out about 20 minutes in!

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