Legact Part II: Lessons Yeltsin Taught Us

Saw this this morning on BBC Breakfast, with the anchors openly laughing. (I'm sure it's been all over the news for hours back home, but it was quite the amusing wake up message for me.) Mr. Bush. Iraq is bad enough. You didn't need this, too.

Unless maybe this was your clever way to offer a diversion from it in your legacy reels...You're a cagey one, Mr. President.


Chris Hinrichs said…
Just when you thought he couldn't embarrass himself any more...

Good grief!
Joe said…
I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.
Oh you silly liberals. If Clinton has done this you would have thought it was cool.
Melinda June said…
Clinton has rhythm, so it would have BEEN cool.

Chris, I think there is no bottom to this particular pit.

Free to dance like a jakeass. YEEEHAW.

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