Hey kids,
Coaster Punchman here blogging live from Melinda June! We're together for the next ten days, so prepare ye the way for several joint blog entries and tales of our mishaps together. My posts will be relatively short until I figure out how to work this infernal European keyboard.

I've already said about three derogatory things about England, which Mindy appreciates since it can be annoying always being the ex-pat amongst a bunch of Limeys. Now that I know she likes it, I go out of my way to say things like "an English person would make guacamole like that!" while watching Nigella on the TV.

In fact, I can't wait for my first opportunity to have a real English meal so that I can do my Jacks imitation: "Food like that is why I live in France!"

So far our misadventures have been minimal: After my semi-horrid flight, Min picked me up at Heathrow, fed me English treats in the car (the good kind) and then took me for a wonderful curry dinner at a fancy Indian place. It was in a quaint old village just a few minutes from her house. One of those neighborhoods where they only let rich people live. Delicious! And cute!

Then we came back to Min's adorable little suburban cottage (funny how in Europe even suburbs are cute), opened gifts (I got a Gordon Ramsay cookbook; Min got Absolut, pickles, jelly beans and Peach Bitters) and talked until the wee hours about how her life is superior because she lives in Europe now. Oh, and drank peach vodka tonics all the while. Pretty much a perfect evening.

We're going to be shopping, visiting friends old and new, traveling a bit and just general carrying on for the next ten days. (Min will be working some of that time but I'll manage for the both of us - that is if I don't get myself killed driving on the wrong side of the road.)

Check back for regular updates. And if there is silence for too long, check with the local police station just to be sure.


Dale said…
I can't wait to hear tales of British outrage at your exclamations! Have lots of fun! If something happens, I'm not calling the local constabulary but heading straight for the jelly beans and booze.
Dino said…
hope you two have fun eat some galaxy milk chocolate for me will you

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