Everyday person

Now that my guests are gone, I am getting back to routine. Other than the office scandal....which is nothing to do with me...really....things are heading back to normal.

We went to the pub on Friday night after work, and then out for a curry. Simple Friday night, but there was something in the air. First the waiter at the restaurant welcomed me to the UK in his think Indian accent, and ordered my friend Marina to take good care of me. (Marina goes to this restaurant more than I do so they know her.) I explained that I live in the UK, and thanked him for his kindness. He nodded and smiled. Then the owner came to welcome me. Thanked me for coming to his restaurant. I told him I'd been there many times before, and that I was looking forward to my delicious dinner. He smiled and bowed. By this time the waiter has returned. He served me first. He started calling me Miss New York, as though I were a) not from Iowa, and b) a beauty pageant winner. When he came to the table to check on us he spoke directly and only to me. I was very gracious. About halfway through dinner, two new customers arrived. On their way past our table, they stopped to greet me and shake my hand. Yes, MY hand. Not the hands of my three dinner companions. Just me. Finished dinner and walked to the car. Even the gang yobs in the street parted like the damn Red Sea before my power. I was MAGIC. It was almost as good as when they guy told me I was the Boss.

The remainder of my weekend was uneventful but quite productive. I mowed the lawn. (Much like mowing hay, so long had it gotten.) I took a nap. I cleaned out my dining room so it's useable again, and organised my storage/dryer room into storage/dryer/office. I did a bit of grocery shopping. I hosted a baby shower for my friend Mel. I had a team call to discuss action steps for my Globalisation group report. (My action step: do the reading I was supposed to do for Sunday. Not that I was the only one that hadn't done anything.)

Tonight I am getting a bit caught up on the blogging and the emails, and will then be reading up on Russia and corruption and transition economies. And I might do a bit of financial reading, as well. I like to live on the edge.

Aren't you glad boring MBA Mindy with stressful job and no life is back?


lulu said…
Perhaps there is youtube footage of you strolling around New York wearing you tiara from your birthday celebration, and he thought you were Miss New York?
Sounds like they thought you were a particular celebrity. You should start researching to figure out who it could be. I have no idea how you would go about this, of course.
Melinda June said…
You're right, Lu! That must be it!

Hmmm. I wonder which chubby dark haired american celebrity he could have been confusing me with?

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