Not sure what Tom did today. I think he watched telly and slept. He called me at work around 4, completely lost in the redways of Milton Keynes. Once you're lost you're going to have a hard time finding your way out, I tell you, because everything looks exactly the same. By 530 he'd made his way to a little pub in Newport Pagnell and I met him for a beer after work. We discovered that the pub was decorated with Victorian pornographic drawings, which seems an odd choice for an olde worlde pub but there you have it. Made us laugh pretty hard, actually.

Went to a Chinese restaurant in the city centre called the Royal Lido, which Tom declared worthy of George which is a good thing. We had delicious Cantonese barbecued duck and bok choy in garlic. Came home and within about 10 minutes Tom was fast asleep on the sofa. I've sent him to bed with orders to get a good night's sleep so he makes it into London tomorrow, and I'll be right behind him as soon as I finish typing this.

In other news, the swans have a giant nest and I think they're expecting. This is partly because I've seen one of them sitting on the nest in the reeds, and partly because several times in the last month, the first thing I've seen upon leaving the house is one swan appearing to drown the other. (Once I had a few cups of coffee I realised that this was not actually what was happening.)
God help me, there are going to be more of them.


Joe said…
How fortunate are you, to be able to drink while surrounded by Victorian pornography.

You're living the dream.
Tenacious S said…
I'm telling you, those swans are quite randy. I've seen the "drowning ritual" myself.
The eggs, Mindy, the eggs. Remember my suggestion from a week ago? Put on your wellies and sneak out there when no one is looking.
Melinda June said…
Tom and I had boiled eggs for breakfast. They were delicious and filling.
Cup said…
What? No photos of the Victorian porn? Your colonist fans are disappointed.
Unknown said…
Hello Mindy--Eric from DHS'84 here. Wanted to look you up when in London the other day but your old e-mail address is off. If you can let me know new one, I could pop in next time I get over La Manche from our Paris pad.
Melinda June said…
Hey Eric!

As you will see from above, I was just in your neck of the woods, as well.

I lost your email awhile back, so if you see this please email and then I'll give you the personal email address by reply.

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