The way to my heart

So you know I love you. And I'm happy you read my blog and I love reading your blogs and now that I don't have to study all the time I may even start commenting, heaven forbid.

But Madame Leiderhosen, man, she wins. She sends caramels. Delicious, mouth-watering to-die-for caramels.

Thanks, Madame L.


Mnmom said…
Yes, the Madame L caramels were the food equivalent of sex. Pehaps better than. They were scrumptious!! She rules!!!
For you, anything. (*blush*)
Pleasepleaseplease feel better very soon.
Cup said…
No better medicine than caramels. You are lucky to know the Madame.
Dale said…
If you can't have Mark Ruffalo, you should have caramels. And she made it so. Excellent. Get better soon.
Mnmom said…
Are you OK? You haven't posted in awhile and I'm concerned.
Tenacious S said…
While I am not finished, I am off for the quarter and enjoying life as well.

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