I can see clearly now

I had my eyes tested this week. Since I turned 40, my eyes have gotten progressively worse, especially where reading is concerned. Although none of my glasses had fallen from fashion, the lenses were obviously not right. My company pays for eye exams once a year with a mobile clinic that sets up in the parking lot, and so I bravely made an appointment to be told exactly how old I really am.

Before the doctor even got out those goofy 1/2/3/4 test lenses, I told him that there was no way on God's green earth I was getting bifocals. None. He made that "no lines are impossible to detect" argument that I countered with, "I would know, and that's the problem." So we settled on two pairs of glasses. As suspected, my reading prescription has gotten stronger, but my distance prescription is actually slightly weaker. I elected to have distance lenses put in my preferred pair of current frames and purchased new ones for the readers. When I'm in the states, I'll have the rest of my old frames replaced with updated lenses to give me some choice.

I believe in fashionable eyewear, preferably not the kind you can buy just anywhere...the kind that gets you compliments on your glasses. I mean, if you're gonna wear glasses, wear glasses for pete's sake. So here is my new pair.


Ah-MEN, Sweet Peach. Nothing like good facial armor and these are very chic.

Why people buy fugly glasses I have no idea.
Mnmom said…
I have bifocals and I LOVE them! Just give it a few years and you'll be begging for them.
Honestly, no lines and no trouble shifting my vision.
Now if they could incorporate them into my contact lenses I'd be in heaven.
LOVE your frames!!!
Ruth999 said…
I've always loved your glasses, but I think you're mad to have 2 pairs. I've been wearing varifocals for years now - nobody can see any join, and it means I don't have to keep taking the damn things off and on. And you could still have several pairs to swop around just for the hell of it.
I liked it best when you wore the kind that made retarded girls on the bus think you were their friend.

I don't need separate reading glasses yet. But when I do, I'm definitely getting those cool old person specs, preferably on a chain.

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