Obesity is the root of all evil. Just ask the media. Soon, I believe they'll be blaming fatties for global warming. All that friction from thighs rubbing together and all.

Update: A quick google shows they have already started: read this!


Mnmom said…
Most dreadful story - the news that having fat friends will make you fat. Don't give my friends any more reasons to dump me!!!!
michaelg said…
What is friendship without food? Eat up my lovelies! No one has ever bonded over a Triscuit and celery stalk.
Joe said…
" article by Sheldon H. Jacobson ...and his doctoral student, Laura McLay"

If I ever had an assistant I'd want her to be named McLay.
Melinda June said…
Aren't you the cheeky one, bubs!

I agree, mnmom and MG...though perhaps that article explains why my social calendar is a bit light lately.

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