Listen up, punters - vol. 2

FYI, untucked-overly-pressed imitation Ted Baker shirts, dark wash jeans, pointy toed loafers and buckets of cheap cologne or Lynx body spray just aren't as sexy as they used to be.


Mnmom said…
and please add the "Big Boy" haircut. That one with the bangs pulled up into a creepy point above the forehead.
Melinda June said…
OOOH! Yes! That stupid shark cut is nigh 'bout the dumbest thing ever. And sadly, I can see at least three from my desk in this open planned work environment. Don't they know the shaggy-mod cut is much more current?
michaelg said…
Cheap cologne will just not do.
Dale said…
I knew I should never have switched from Hai Karate.

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