Celebrity, vol 1

Clue: "She's like Aunt Jemima. Except she's white."

ANSWER: Mrs. Butterworth - although the brown bottle sometimes confuses people into thinking she's one of those offensive "mammy-doll" things, she is rumored to be a matronly, anglo grandmother type.

In reality, I'd say the clue may not be true, but that's not the point. It was said in a game, and we got it on the first guess.


Mnmom said…
Betty Crocker
Melinda June said…
Good guess. But no.
michaelg said…
Is it Julia Child?
Melinda June said…
Again, nice try, but no. Hint: this clue was my mother's during a game over Christmas, and though we did not actually realise this was true, we got it with a guess and I have since verified it on the internets.
Kireliols said…
Even though you've provided the answer I want to guess Aunt Bea.

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