Celebrity, vol 2

Clue (from about 1994): "She has a TV show, she dresses like a man, and she thinks she's funny but she's not. And she sounds like she lisps."


michaelg said…
Is it Richard Simmons?
Mnmom said…
Paula Poundstone?
But I do think she's funny
No fair. For one thing, you gave too many clues. All your mom said is "she has a tv show - she thinks she's funny, but she's not."

Are all the best Celebrity examples going to be from Barb? Methinks yes.
Kireliols said…
Rosie O'mygod?
Melinda June said…
MnMom got it in one!

CP, I didn't want to be TOO vague. I mean, it's only their second name. We have to warm them up!

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