Inquiring Minds

I'd love to use one of those cool polling widgets, but this survey requires comments/explanations.

When I was filling out my list of fours, I was listing the cool places I'd been and then I felt like I needed to throw in something bland to keep me humble. So I thought and thought, and came up with Kansas. Not that there's anything wrong with Kansas. Sure, it's flat, but Manhattan KS is nice, and my cool-mo-D glasses are styled by a company in Kansas. So Kansas is fine by me, and I have been there, so it was really just saying.

But this got me thinking. If you were trying to come up with the most boring state in the US, which would it be? And why?

I mean, surely even wild, unruly Alaska and whacked-out CA are boring to SOMEONE.

So, what do you think?


Mnmom said…
Kansas still sounds pretty boring, next would be Nebraska.
Kansas was on my list until I figured out Martha Dumptruck lives there.
michaelg said…
I'm with MNMom- Nebraska. Otherwise I would say west Texas. What a dump.
ccsquared said…
Having had you visit me while I lived in Kansas, I might take offense- and those were HUGE carts at the Hypermart- but otherwise, you're right pretty lame...
Marni said…
Idaho... got to be...
Dale said…
Arkansas. Can Canadians play?
lulu said…
North Dakota, how many have been there? And why?
Melinda June said…
CC2, once you left, Kansas had nothing left to offer.

Don't forget about the devil worshippers and child molesters in Idaho, Marni. Not to mention all the separatists and Mormons. Talk about fodder for freak news.

Of course Canadians can play, Dale. Though I think hillbillies are a nice tourist attraction.

Having been to ND, CM, I must agree with you. It's a good place to have someone else drive so you can nap.

But Lulu, you win. Canada is, indeed, or most boring state.

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