I'm back in England and I am getting a cold. I feel like crap and it physically hurts to hold my head up. Oh. And my nose is dripping and I have a sore throat and itchy inner ears.

Time went whizzing by in the US. I'm so sorry I missed some of you. Between weather and emotions it was a pretty stormy trip. I had good quality time with my family, though, and that's what really matters, especially this year.

I'll be back soon with a proper post, but right now I need Lemsip and a nap.


michaelg said…
Min! You're back! So glad you had a nice holiday and made it back home safely. I was thinking a lot about you and your family navigating the first year without your dad.
I had that nasty cold a few weeks back. It takes about 2 weeks feel yourself. Drink much tea and take it easy.
Mnmom said…
Same cold. Also missing a Dad. Take care of yourself - lots of tea with honey. I'm hoping for Decorah pics when you return.
Oh no. You got the cold from hell. Hunker down for a long ride. At least you didn't have it while you were on vacation. Miss you!!!
Joe said…
Glad you made it back safe and sound. Get some rest!
Oh, Honey.
If it's the cold strain that's been floating around here, M's right: two crappy weeks. Can you get your hand on some chinese medicine? Yin Chao helps.
How about tossing up a link to your amazon wishlist so we can send you novels and other amusements?
Some Guy said…
Welcome to the club! I think everyone I know is sick or has been sick in the last two weeks. It is a real bitch. Give it hell!
Cup said…
I hope the holidays were good for you. That first one after can be a real bitch.

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