All by myself (don't wanna blog)

Sometimes blogging politics make me feel like I'm in junior high.

I used to feel pressure to be witty on this blog. One of the clever ones. One of those blogs people came to daily, knowing they would get a chuckle from some pithy observation. But I failed. Many of the cool kids have link dumped me. (And thanks, by the way, to those of you who haven't!) I guess I don't post enough pictures of Samantha Brown naked. If only I had a crazy mother-in-law to secretly film, perhaps I'd be more popular. Sigh.

Rather than wallow in the fact that my patent uncoolness has finally bled to the internets, I've decided to make rejection liberating. I have more time for blogging now, and so I'm updating my links to the sites I actually read, I'm going to have a play with the look and feel of the site in the next few weeks and work on some new series to organise my thoughts. I vow to make this blog more interesting. Something truly link-worthy, so the next time I get an invite from the in-crowd I don't show up wearing polyester and carrying a board game. I mean, if someone's doing the shunning, I prefer it be me.

I'm even going to start responding to comments effective Monday morning.

But I want one more day to pretend your comments are fan mail to my celebrity. And I'm still going to blog with my sunglasses on so that I'm not recognised. (FYI, my sunglasses are very, very stylish, even if they don't have the right prescription anymore.)


Mnmom said…
But my comments ARE fan mail! I think you are wonderfully pithy, and if you showed up at my house with a board game I'd shriek with joy. Let us exalt our uncoolness and our hard-earned wisdom. We are way cooler in our own right than anyone who says "my bad". I prefer "mea culpa".
michaelg said…
Hey, you're tremendously witty and will always be at least 10x wittier than me(<- dull). I personally find that most of the blogs in which people try hard to be clever just read the same after a while. Zzzzzzzzzz. I'm just delighted to have better contact with you now than in the last 20 years. Bask in the glow of uncoolness.
Hey, can I put a picture on my blog of you with vegetables on your face?
Melinda June said…
Sure! As long as I'm being uncool, let's add vegetables to my face! And yes, it's most excellent that we've reconnected over the internets. I'm quite pleased with this.
Joe said…
It seems like this is the year/time for blog reorganization and renewal. I'm still working on stuff over at my place, and I'm looking forward to whatever you have in store for us.
You remain one of my favorite deities in the Internet Universe.

And this IS fan mail; do I need to send more caramels?

I am quiet very pleased my blog made the cut of your cleaned up links. Whahooo!
lulu said…
You know, I don't link to half the people I read, and I don't read everyone I link to. I'm mostly just lazy. For what it's worth, I read you every day, or would if you posted every day.
Melinda June said…
Thanks, guys. I'm glad you still love me.

I can honestly say that I read each blog on the left at least three times a week. I heartily endorse them for their entertainment value.
Raaar! (That's the cat noise in response to that snide remark about my mother in law.)

And you still haven't defined "punters."

Who else link dumped you?
Melinda June said…
You know your celebrity is all down to Mama Gin.

Since you're too lazy to google it, Wikipedia says "The most common use of punter is probably the slang or colloquial use in both British and Australian English meaning a paying guest or customer. More specialized usages include: in Britain (primarily in London and Essex), a punter may be the patron of a brothel."

Most people I know use the phrase as shorthand for "the great unwashed" or some equally derogatory reference to the general public.
Dale said…
I still love you from afar and aclose. I'm a lazy blogger lately in writing and reading. Does this make me a fanboy? Wait, what does fanboy mean?

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