I saw a commercial for this tonight.

Please, God, tell me that this is synthetic milk, or soy milk or rice milk or some other kind of non-milky milk. Because if they're hooking little machines up to innocent kitties even I'm joining PETA.

Or perhaps CP has found his new job!

I bet it's great on cereal.


Kireliols said…
My cat likes it with splenda in her coffee.
Melinda June said…
Kirst, if it were anyone else I'd think they were joking...
Ruth999 said…
Along similar lines ...

If pork sausages are made of pork, and quorn sausages are made of quorn ... what the hell is in Linda McCartney sausages?
Melinda June said…
Hmmmm....not so vegetarian after all, are they?
You're gross.

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