The wonders of spreadsheets

I finished my ENT spreadsheets for our company financials...9 pages of interlinked financial planning assumptions, all culminating in a four-year cash flow and profit and loss account that show us making a lot of money.

Although I think my ears bled from the pressure of developing it, now that it's done I can spend hours fiddling with numbers so I can watch the changes cascade throughout the workbook. It's mesmerizing, noticing that 10 extra people a night per store do astronomical things to our overall profit, or that 30% fewer people buying from us will send us into a tailspin.

I'm like a cat with something shiny. Who cares if then numbers are correct? They're so pretty when you manipulate the formulas.....


Pam said…
We'll all work for you someday, darlin'. And we'll be happy about that.
Cup said…
I'm Beth, and I am a fellow Excel nerd. I love to play with my sums.
Melinda June said…
Yes, Pam, and it will be big bonuses and free lattes for everyone!

Beth, how is it so intoxicating?

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