Fish Tuesday

Check it out...two days in a row of cooking!

Chopped a chili, grated some ginger, tossed it with a little sesame oil and soy and used that to marinate a tuna steak. (Little means little, FYI...don't kill the tuna.)

Chopped up some baby bok choy, a scallion and a clove of garlic.

Put some whole wheat noodles to boil.

Heated the wok. Just a little oil in, then dumped in the tuna and the marinade. Seared it on both sides, then put aside to rest.

Little more oil, stir fried the garlic and scallion for a second before adding the bok choy. Tossed in a little soy when it was almost done. (Little is key, again. Don't kill the bok choy.)

Drained the noodles, tossed in just a few drops of sesame oil and then put noodles/tuna/veg in a deep plate. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and enjoyed.


wonderturtle said…
One of the local restaurants advertises theme days in the paper, and Thursday is "Fishy Thursday." Yeah, seems it.

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