Fork or Vampire Pt. 2

Other useful facts about a deep puncture wound in the palm of your hand:

1) The nerves under your life line seem to control your ability to grip things, and run down the side of your hand to the inside of your wrist, thus limiting your hand motion considerably.

2) I own this shampoo, which is a lovely tapioca-pudding-like consistency, but with sea salt crystals creating that bumpiness.

FYI, Sea Salt Shampoo + Puncture wound in hand = Not Good.
Not Good = Screaming in Shower.
Screaming in Shower = Letter Carrier knocking on the door to be sure you're okay.


Kireliols said…
I know another! If you're on a plane with Kristians you can reopen the wound and really freak them out!!!!!
Melinda June said…
The thought of that is almost wirth the horrific pain.
Unknown said…
I too was thinking of stigmata, and also of the fact that I used to use the same shampoo. I really need to get to Lush and get some more.
Marni said…
I would love to try the shampoo but they don't have the price for it in US funds... HELP?!
lulu said…
Marni--There is a US website too. lus, there are Lush stores, not a ton, but some.
Melinda June said…
Marni, I highly recommend this shampoo, as do Lu...what more endorsement do you need?

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