Snowflakes and Daffodils

It is incredibly cold here. A week ago, the daffodils and the crocuses were popping and the trees were budding. But now it's been a blustery couple of days. Yesterday we had blue sky, sleet, hail, snow, rain and 70 mph wind gusts all within an hour, and then it repeated twice. Tonight it was snowing when I left work, and the daffodils in my front garden had lovely large flakes clinging to their edges.

Three of you are on your way to England in the next few weeks, so be sure to check the weather forecast and come prepared. It could be warm, it could be cold. It will likely be wet. And it will definitely be expensive, but you knew that.

And Bramley AP, be prepared to laugh heartily, as it is supposed to be snowing on Wednesday which means snarled traffic for barely a dusting as you sit on the M1 on your ride to MK.


I'll bring my mitts and my toque eh. I did spend part of a winter in north Georgia and observed the silly way that those who don't know snow react to it.

Spent a lot of time studying Pembrokeshire today. Lots of neat-o things to go see. Perhaps none as neat, however, as a warm bowl of Cawl for lunch, fish & chips for dinner, and an endless progression of pints.
Dale said…
I'm packing a steamer trunk filled with all sorts of madness.

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