Bay of Pigs Part II

It was a busy weekend at school. As I've mentioned, I had a lot of things due...a paper on Friday and a large group project on Saturday. I hadn't had much sleep the last few days of last week, so I was tired and cranky on Friday morning. Made it to my 8:30 AM class, though, so that was a good start. At 11, we had a meeting for our International Business Experience, and for those of us going to Cuba we had a special visitor...the Cuban Ambassador to the UK and his wife were coming to meet us! How cool is that!

His Excellency gave us what can only be called an oration about Cuban life, Cuban history and Cuban American relations. (FYI, when he tells it we are not the heroes.) His wife, a lovely woman who was in the front row listening attentively, would occasionally make exclamations in support of what he said. It was kind of like a storefront church call and holler dynamic, but more political.

It was very serious, economics-focused stuff. Really thought provoking. And then my cell phone rang.

I'm not a morning person and I forget important things like turning my phone to mute before going into a meeting with a sober topic.

I dove for my bag...and couldn't find it. It just got louder, and louder and louder. The ambassador stopped speaking. The room was waiting for me to sort it out. I had to empty my bag before I found it and silenced it.

And the worst part? This is my cellphone ring. It was like laughing at a funeral or swearing in church.

I am a complete loser.


I'm glad that Captain Pugwash was able to silence that silver-tongued commie bastard. I imagine that an ambassador would have the oratory skills to make Communism sound like a delightful way to live. Sorry for your embarrassment, but all in all it was a win for the good guys.
Dale said…
I started laughing at your post and felt bad for you but then cracked up again at Bramley AP...hilarious.
Thanks Dale. I was inspired by Mindy's ringtone so I've been watching Pugwash videos on YouTube and I even changed my avatar.

"Master Mate, Barnabas, Willy...What are you doing up there? Crippling crayfish, you're a fine lot you are."
Melinda June said…
Glad I can amuse you all with my mortification. As my co-coach, Simon, says, he half expected me to cop a Dick-Van-Dyke cockney accent to cover up my imperialist-pig identity. If only I'd been so clever.

And yes, my co-coach's name really is Simon. Which somehow makes everything he says more important.
I can one up you on the cell phone story. Mine DID go off during a funeral. My ring was VERY LOUD and I COULD NOT FIND my phone to turn it off- meanwhile making it very obvious it was mine what with my shuffling around. It was highly embarassing. The only way it could have been worse is if I had been in the front row.

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