Chunder Bandit

I learned a new term, Chunder Bandit, from one of my new favourite blogs, ScaryDuck.

And just in time, as I seem to have caught some sort of gastroenteritis. While I have not done any public vomiting today, I have definitely been closer than I'd like. I actually went to an absent colleague's desk and grabbed their rubbish bin to keep handy, just in case. Figured it would be better to puke in an empty bin than on top of the accumulated rubbish in mine.

I am now home, and while I have a horrific amount of schoolwork to do, my head hurts and I don't like to sit upright, so it is likely that I'm going to go to bed shortly.

Chunder Bandit. I think I'm going to name one of the AI contestants this. Maybe Sanjaya, because he is vomit-inducing. But so is Jared Cotter. In fact, Jared Cotter is DEFINITELY nastier than Sanjaya. Jared Cotter it is. Henceforth, Jared Cotter is christened Chunder Bandit, Inducer of Vomiting to the Masses.


Dale said…
I salute your choice of victim and excellent name calling.
Melinda June said…
If I had kids, this would be what I'd call the barfer in the group. Affectionately, of course.

But since I don't, I'm reserving it for barf-inducing bad singing.
Kireliols said…
You say that as if there is ALWAYS a barfer in the which were you?

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