I have a visitor until Tuesday, and therefore there will be less blogging in that time frame.

He arrived yesterday. Poor thing, had to ride National Express up from Gatwick. It is a long trip with many stops, but when people arrive on weekdays it is the price they pay. Luckily an elderly Chinese man sitting in front of him got carsick and barfed partway through the trip, so he appreciated the fresh air upon arrival in MK.

We had dinner in the Indian restaurant in the church, a staple here for visitors. And it really freaked the waiters out when I did the ordering. That is the man's job. We barely got a "please" or "thank you very much" out of them as each dish was placed on the table.

I worked today, so he spent the day in London. Last time he visited, he spent his day in London taking pictures of tourists taking pictures of famous sites, but this time he tried to take in a few himself. I know he went to the British Museum, and while it was enjoyable he was annoyed that it was not, in fact, about British history but rather the things they've pillaged from their colonies, making it "The Diversity Museum" instead. Note to the British Museum: FYI, he's very sorry about the crime committed in the men's room. It's too bad you didn't pillage some plungers while you were out there foraging in the world.

I believe he spent the rest of his day walking around and then going into pubs and having a pint whilst chatting with the locals. I hear he has learned how to burn coal, which we will test tomorrow night upon arrival in our little house in Wales that we've rented for the weekend.

Tonight I met him at a pub after work and then we went to the Swan at Salford for dinner, then came home and watched the Torchwood finale, which he had seen and I had not (but had tivoed to make sure I caught it eventually.) Tomorrow it is likely he will sleep off the seven or eight pints he's had through the day, and I will go to work and wait for my discounted leopard print doc marten boots to arrive. Nothing now until Monday or Tuesday, but adventures are afoot. Wales is supposed to be pretty freaky. Have good weekends.


lulu said…
Everything in your post sounds great-Indian Food, YUM!-but I am most interested in the boots!

Have a fun weekend.
Joe said…
Have fun!

I heard they have lots of consonants in Wales, but not too many vowels.
Dale said…
Your visitor sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy the weekend and don't get arrested so many times it ruins things.

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