Heart-throb of the Housing Market

I have a bit of a crush on this guy. His name is Phil Spencer, and he co-hosts several property search shows on Channel4 with an equally dishy babe named Kirsty Alsopp. They're funny and smart and make a bit of fun of their clients' bad decisions in their narrative of the show.

Phil is exactly what Americans expect the English to be...stylish, smart, kind of "proper" and a bit effeminate, which is usually not my bag anymore. But on Phil it is very, very sexy. He kind of reminds me of my friend J, actually, who I'd swear was gay if it weren't for the occassional blokey joke and his lovely partner who is decidedly female. (It's sexy on J too, but he is real and therefore not fanciable.) I blame El Ben for my love of vaguely gay straight men, but that is another story.

Now that I have no pressing schoolwork, I've spent a total of six hours watching Phil (and Kirsty) find houses for England's masses. My conclusion? Hubba Hubba. And if I were to ever decide to buy a house here, I would DEFINITELY apply to be reality television just to spend some time with this guy. Mmmm MMMM GOOD.


Unknown said…
He looks a bit like my brother. I'd fix you up, but he's a pain in the butt, and married anyway.
You're not well.
Melinda June said…
But does your brother have a slight lisp and wear Paul Smith shirts and and pointy-toed shoes?

It's not just me, CP. We had quite the discussion at work the other day and you'd have thought he was George Clooney.
Jake's Mom said…
I think he looks like Anthony Edwards, after he was in Revenge of the Nerds.
lulu said…
Min, My brother has spend all of his adult life in Minnesota, you know EXACTLY how he sounds.
Melinda June said…
Sadly, marg, I had a bit of a crush on him, too.

Oh my, Lu. I'm so sorry. It gets worse though...soon your niece will talk like that, too. (It took my nephews a few years to REALLY get the accent down.)
Unknown said…
That's a shame, because everyone at Yale will laugh at her.
Dale said…
I think you and John will have lots to discuss. He was mentioning some Brit he liked on a property search show and I said, oh, Phil Spencer? YES!
Melinda June said…
Obviously John has good taste.
Dale said…
I suppose it would be ridiculous for me to argue with that now. Argh.

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