Elvis has left the building

The Ymwelwr is gone. The remainder of his trip was relatively basic...The Visitor had a lazy day on Monday while I was at work and then we had dinner at a Thai restaurant last night. I somehow felt like I'd made a huge breakthrough when he actually finished my entree. After all of this "used soup" business I was beginning to think he had psychological issues with food sharing, which I like about as much as grown-ups who are picky eaters. Dropped him off at the coachway around 6AM, with instructions to go see a doctor about that GI tract. It ain't right, I'm telling you.

Mr. Morning Person tried to convince me that I should sing him on his way with a rousing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah this morning. Obviously, I declined...and held steadfast even while he hummed it under his breath the entire way to the bus with a goadingly devilish grin on his chirpy damn face. Freak.

Now that I'm awake I thought I'd find it on youtube so I could pass it along here, but all the versions there are completely lame. But I did find this interesting commercial. Way to go, American Motors. Between this, the ingenious design of the Gremlin and the Pacer, and your expansion into the brilliant Renault Le Car, no wonder you only made it 30 odd years.

I now have three nights to get caught up on my Globalisation assignment and to review the Finance case studies for Friday, and then on Saturday guest number two arrives...my beloved CP will be here for Tom and Mindy fun, including an Easter weekend in France. He is leaving Georgie at home, so we will get into much more trouble. Prendre garde, mes camarades français! Le CP et La MindyJune viennent, et ils sont jusqu'à aucun bon. (I sure hope the Google Translator knew what it was doing.)


Unknown said…
Those Ramblers are pretty sweet actually. A far cry from the AMC Hornet station wagon I drove when I was in high school.
Har har! I like the translation.

Why are we not on a first name basis with your visitor of last week? Is there some secret plan hatching here?
I can attest that the visitor has returned home to Minnesota. After a 2 hour traffic-laden bus ride to Heathrow in the fog he fought through confusion and found the proper terminal and gate. From there it was a flight to AMS, a quick transfer, and 9 hours in a KLM 777 to JFK. After another confusing transfer said visitor made it to the gate, got upgraded to 1A, and then waited 45 minutes in the hot tunnel to the plane whilst NWA fixed a "mechanical problem". He then flew 2.5 hrs to MSP seated next to and chatting with a Revlon executive, and indeed made it home.

He has yet to sleep a minute after starting the day at UK 5:15 AM and it now being 10:29 PM CST.

The visitor would be more clever, but he is weary and now must sleep.

Melinda June said…
With all the public urination I figured I should keep his anonymity.

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