Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thin line between love and hate

MnMom has tagged me to list 10 things that make me want to smack someone in the head.

1. Skinny girls who talk about how fat they are and refuse to eat like a normal person.
2. Drunks who hit on me.
3. Adults who are such picky eaters that they can't just make do with what they're served. You're not five...just remove the damn tomato from your hamburger and move on.
4. People who pass me on the motorway and then once they're settled in front of me, they go just slow enough that I have to reduce my cruise speed or pass them.
5. Men who walk with their hands in their pockets, or who stand with their hands in their pockets and exhibit incredibly bad posture. In fact, I hate all bad posture full stop.
6. People who don't wash their hands after using the lavatory. That is seriously disgusting.
7. Sanctimonious parents who think that they know more than I do because they have kids. Ditto for people who think they know more because they're married. Come live my life for a week and find out how much YOU don't know.
8. People who proudly proclaim they don't read.
9. People who use emoticons, LOL, LMAO and other online or texting expressions when they have a full keyboard at their disposal. Again, are you five??? Use your words, moron.
10. KARE11 for airing Cheers at 1030 for something like 25 years. I'm holding this grudge as long as you aired that damn show. Perhaps by the time I'm ready to forgive, Cheers will be funny again.

You're tagged.


Dale said...

LOL, great post. :-)

michaelg said...

Marvelously executed.
1. Bethany, our personal trainer/nutritionist for the Team Weight Loss class I'm in, made the mistake of telling the class that she needs to eat extra to gain weight. Bitch. We've never let her forget it.
3. I have a friend, who can't eat raisins, ground beef, or any berry that is not a strawberry. Pain in the ass. Smack!
4. Ah, so you've driven in Minnesota then?
6. Remind me to tell you the Kathy Dolphin story when you're back in the states.