Saturday, November 03, 2007

Old vs. new, or why being a housemate isn't all bad

Old Friday Night:
  • Leave work at 7pm or so. Go to the grocery store for something to make for dinner, end up going home with some snack that you shouldn't have.
  • Watch Eastenders.
  • Make a cocktail. Make dinner. Eat.
  • Half-heartedly work on a paper. I mean, you're busy and all, but it's Friday night. Mostly you surf the internet and watch Ugly Betty.
  • Fall asleep watching Jonathan Ross and make catty remarks about Girls Aloud and how stupid Gordon Ramsey's boots are.
  • Go upstairs and get into bed, but now you can't sleep, so you toss and turn and then drift off around 2.
New Friday Night:
  • Leave work by 6 because you have plans.
  • Go pick up housemate, go to Ikea and walk around looking at things. Buy a chair and a throw and a few necessary household items you weren't planning on (this time some pretty little juice glasses.)
  • Go to local Chinese restaurant for some delicious food and conversation.
  • Go home to watch Ugly Betty.
  • Unload car during commercials.
  • After UB finishes, assemble Lillegard rocking chair.
  • Watch Jonathan Ross and make catty remarks about Girls Aloud and how stupid Gordon Ramsey's boots are, to which housemate responds in agreement.
  • Stay up chatting, and then head to bed around 1, and with the blackout shade on the window you actually fall asleep and make it a full night without fitfully waking up from the stupid streetlamp.
All in all, the move is successful so far.


Coaster Punchman said...

Is this the same housemate you had at your place?

Melinda June said...

Different. This one is from school, the other was from work.

kirelimel said...

Sounds great- twice as much fun and the same amount of work not done!

michaelg said...

Sounds like a very nice upgrade. Where are the cocktails, though? You know I drink vicariously through you.

Thymm Symmz said...

will you miss the parrot?

Melinda June said...

They now sell an anamatronic parrot that you can train to sing whatever. I'll get one of those and I'll be just fine.

Cocktails were sidecars. Mmmm Mmmm.