Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guest blog - Mama Gin files

Dear Gentle Readers of Melinda June,

Min has generously offered to host this week's episode of "The Mama Gin Files." I was unable to post it on the front page of Coaster Punchman's World for fear of retribution by Poor George, who forbade me from publishing the video. However, since the trials and tribulations of living with Mama Gin is my story too I feel altogether entitled --- at least as long as I don't get caught.

Click here to experience Poor George trying to practice his bass clarinet in the face of Mama Gin's daily dose of harassment.

Google Video has been acting really weird lately, so it may take several clicks on the "play" button before you actually get to see the video. (It might tell you it's "unavailable" a bunch of times - something Google is trying to iron out.)

And if you aren't amused by crazy Chinese ladies harassing their gay sons, there are also some cute cats in the video. Maybe that will make up for it.



Coaster Punchman said...

Thanks for your hospitality!!

Dale said...

Who is this Coaster Punchman?

Beth said...

It's a lovely episode, isn't it?

michaelg said...

Wow. I'm grateful that my dad is only a foul mouthed, deaf, unreasonable miser.

michaelg said...

Tag, you're it.