Monday, November 19, 2007

Taking a break

I am 1000 words into our MSI report. I have a total responsibility for 4000 of it, which isn't so bad. Of course, I have to write the literature review and methodology sections which are dull as dirt, so you'll have to excuse me if I am having difficulty paying attention. The 1000 I have written are in that section, which means I'm halfway through and then things start to get more interesting. Hooray.

It snowed last night. Like an inch. In true England style it was melted by the time I got up to go to work, but it never snows here in November so it feels like winter is upon us. Just to add a bit of festivity to my mood I've added some Christmas tunes to the iPod, so when Sleigh Ride starts playing or I hear Santa Baby I am reminded that I will be home in a month. This has been the shortest autumn on record. By next week you'll be getting Christmas memories and more pictures of me as a chubby kid. I mean, what are the holidays without eggnog lattes, mince pies and Mindy's pithy reflections?

In addition to finishing my coursework, I have additional pressures from school. First of all, I have a black tie ball on Saturday to celebrate the end of our MBA, and I need to find something fabulous to wear. I have two black tie is a sexy lace cocktail dress and another is a lacy ballgown skirt with a beaded silk top. I was perfectly content with these options until the women on the course started comparing notes about what they are wearing and now I am compelled to buy something new. I have found a satin tulip skirt, an Anna Scholz lacy corset and a swishy little velvet jacket online, and if they fit (they arrive tomorrow) I may go for boho-chic black tie instead of my retro-sexy look...we'll see. Then there is the issue of shoes...I have some lovely black patent ones (two pairs, actually) that will do, but I have a burning desire for something beaded and pointy. And then I need to figure out what to do with my hair.....

Secondly, I was asked to give a keynote address at our final session on Saturday. I said yes without thinking, as I can usually throw something together that says what I want to say. (If you've had me in your wedding party you probably have me on video doing just that!) But a few people know I'm doing this and they've been talking about how this is really a big deal and that brits will expect laughter and tears and that there will be some sort of rebuttal and, well, now it seems like a big damn deal. So I feel like I need to spend a night on it now, which is one more night (possibly even two) more than I have to give and so I'm pissy now.

Okay. Back to the grindstone. Off to innovate. See you later.

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