Monday, November 19, 2007

10 songs I never want to hear again

MichaelG has tagged me to list 10 songs I never, ever want to hear again. Child's play, I tell you.

1. You're Beautiful by James Blunt - you freaky stalky little weirdo.
2. Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy- what a stupid song. So what if the girl and the horse die? I hate horses, and frankly, when I think back to teen girls with horsey love I hated them, too. I mean, how obvious is that? I say good riddance. I'd take Seasons in the Sun over this one. At least Terry Jacks is about humans.
3. Don't Cha (Wish Your Baby Was Hot Like Me) - Shut up you stupid Pussycat Dolls.
4. Light my Fire by the Doors - "liar" is not pronounced "li-yah", and I don't really care for organ music
5. In the Name of Love by U2 - you've had once more, Bono. Give it a rest.
6. Centerfield - Fogerty, your whiney falsetto pisses me off
7. Boys of Summer - same to you, Henley
8. Anything Madonna has issued since Ray of Light - just stay at home and take care of your kids, Madge. And please get a new stylist. That feathered do from year or so ago was not good.
9. Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold - you have to be a really, petty, immature jerk to grow into adulthood and still be so pissed off that your parents had a second child. Get over it you loser. (I wonder if Bob is still seeking the love that I stole from our parents?)
10. Rule the World by Take That - what a sucky sucky whiny song

If you've made it through the list, you're tagged...add it to the comments, add it to your blog, whatever. And once I've handed in my final paper maybe I will coordinate some sort of downloadable mix like all the cool kids do so you can put little music bombs in your about Russian roulette.


Coaster Punchman said...

Now this is a music meme I can get into. I will have some fun with this one. I am so with you on "Wildfire" but I'd kill you if you tried to make me sit through "Seasons in the Sun." Just sayin.

kirelimel said...

Let me be blunt- we both placed "you're beautiful" in spot number one.

madame_leiderhosen said...

YOU are my new superhero; I now hate everything on your list as well. You could talk the doors off a minivan.

Kindly come to Oakland so I can feed you peeled grapes and soul food greens with pot liquor. I will now go and find each and every irritating artist and squash their fragile egos and toes.

Dale said...

Thank you for including Wildfire, those damned dirty Dolls, Bone, Henley, and Madonna. You should have a song written about you for all the wrongs you're righting.

michaelg said...

A+ on your stinky tune list.
The gods are smiling on you for including that shiteous U2 song. Why are the Irish singing about MLK anyway?
Is that what Wildfire was about?? I just remember the annoying chorus.
Ah, Lonely Boy. What a narcissistic little turd deeply in need of a good parental whoop ass session.
Don't cha wish... that parents didn't let their little girls listen to this song? It is disturbing to me to hear 7 year olds ask "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?"

Mnmom said...

Great list of musical horror! You are tagged on my site by the way.

Tenacious S said...

Dare I say it? My Humps. If that song could just disappear like a fart in a whirlwind, I'd be much happier.