Sunday, November 11, 2007


Movies warn you about sex, language, adult situations and violence. None of these do me any good, as I don't really care if a movie contains these things.

I do, however, think they should also offer a "D" rating that warns unsuspecting film goers that the movie contains poignant death scenes of characters losing loved ones to debilitating or long-term illnesses. I was watching a movie called Wah Wah last night, which was moving but good, and told the story of actor Richard E. Grant (best known to American audiences for vaguely villain-like roles in Masterpiece Theater episodes or Gosford Park.) There's an abusive father, an adulterous mother, a wacky new wife who helps turn the father around, and a young boy trying to grow up in Swaziland about the time the British turned it back to its people. All good. And then the father starts dying of brain cancer, and they're all sitting by his bed as he withers away and tries to let them know that he loves them and to tell them goodbye.

I've done this. Don't want to watch it on a Saturday night. Turned it off immediately and paced the house to calm back down.

Had to watch Peggy Sue Got Married to clear my head.

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michaelg said...

Here, here. I'm all for the D rating myself. I lost complete control of myself during the final 10 minutes of the Six Feet Under series, and the movie Iris very nearly did me in. My antidote is Muriel's Wedding. I also own Peggy Sue, might have to try her next time I'm caught off guard.