Oh no.

Thanks, Urbangal. Now I want these. All $1,875 of them.


Kireliols said…
I LOVE them! get them, get them. PLEEEEEEEEEZE get them!!!!! in my size?
Melinda June said…
Sadly, it will be awhile before I can drop $2K on boots. But I will.
lulu said…
If we wear the same size I would share them with you. Those are fab-U-lous!
Kireliols said…
do you think you could get a pair of tanish cowgirl boots and then take them to a tattoo parlor to achieve the same same? I think that's a freakin' good idea I just had!!!!!!!!!! or maybe I've just seen too many commercials for miami ink?
Joe said…
Those boots are kickin' I like that tattoo idea.

If that doesn't work, start saving. They look well worth it.

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