My cold is coming to a spectacular finale. The good news, it is no longer deep in my chest with a rattle/wheeze, it is no longer in my upper sinuses giving me a low grade headache 24 hours a day.

No, instead, it is in the last throes of battle centered in my cheekbone sinuses. Last night, I had to sleep upright because I didn't want my nose to drain on my pillow because then I'd get nose drainage in my hair. Today, I've had to excuse myself from meetings THREE times because my nose is leaking. Seriously. Leaking.

I have the kind of cold children get that gives them a glistening upper lip with a little snot halo around their nostrils.

This is SO not cool.


Dale said…
You make a cold sound so hot! At least to people with snot fetishes. That is not me.
Melinda June said…
Snot fetish. Now that is disgusting.

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