Character Actor of the Day

I was watching BBC Breakfast this morning, and they were talking to Ricky Gervais about For Your Consideration. And that got me thinking about how I love pretty much everything Christopher Guest and his friends do. I've even entertained thoughts of marrying Eugene Levy, especially after his turn in A Mighty Wind where he is actually really sexy. (Of course, he's married, plus he doesn't know me, so I've ruled that out temporarily.)

One of the things I love about these people is that they are such a great ensemble, and that got me thinking about people who don't have to be the stars of everything, and then it got me thinking about character actors, and then I decided it is time to salute the ones I love.

Day One - Wallace Shawn

I love this guy. It always seems like he's spitting when he talks. His whiny, nasal voice is incredibly animated and he can convey an impressive range. I think my first Wallace Shawn moment came during The Princess Bride when he and Fezzick and Inego Montoya kidnap the Princess and take her to that scary cliff place. He rocks as the squiggy little know it all. And he is perfect as the debate teacher who falls in love with the liberal teacher with crooked glasses in Clueless. And his vocal turns in The Incredibles and Toy Story are spectacular.

He is also the comic narrator in Melinda and Melinda, my namesake Woody Allen movie. His Melinda is the crazy-haired-wacky Melinda. Which makes us cosmically linked.


Dale said…
I first saw old Wally in My Dinner With Andre, the first 'art' film I remember seeing and I've loved his non leading man ways since then. Good pick.

I love Guest and the gang but must confess that Waiting For Guffman is inferior to the next couple of ensemble installments. I'm looking forward to F Y Consideration.
wonderturtle said…
He's also a really talented, albeit deeply disturbing, playwright.
Unknown said…
I like the fact that he never ages. He's looked like that forever.
Marni said…
Definitely not leading man material, but I DO love the guy!
Like Dale, my mind first drifted to "My Dinner with Andre." I wish they really did make that action-figure set, alone with the "Remains of the Day" lunchbox.

That would be "along."

Melinda June said…
Dirty little secret...I've never actually seen My Dinner with Andre. I suck.
Don't bother, it's stupid.

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