I Heart Mandy

I have a crush on Mandy Patinkin. Sadly, though, it's not this handsome-tenor Mandy that I love.

Nor is it this swashbuckling-Inigo-Montoya Mandy that haunts my dreams. Or even the smarty-pants Chicago Hope Mandy, who would have been fine were he not eclipsed by that dishy Adam Arkin.

No, I have a crush on Orthodox Mandy from Yentl. I wonder if this transfers to Lubavitchers? Probably not. Beards require trimming, plus I like to keep my Friday night options open. (Let's face it...sometimes it's been a long week and all you really want is a book and a bath, no matter how great the mitzvah.)

But Avigdor? I can hear THAT, Papa.


Kireliols said…
for me, it's Inigo. Oh, Inigo.
echo said…
What about "Dead Like Me" Chicagoan-Mandy???
What a whore.

OMG, did I say that outloud???
Melinda June said…
Somehow I knew that about you, Kirstin.

I not of this Mandy. Is he a sexpot like Avigdor?

Watch your mouth, smartass. Are you talking about me or Mandy?

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