My Ridiculous Week

Monday: Went to work. Had a message that my presentation that was supposed to happen on Monday the 26Th was actually going to happen on Wednesday the 21st. Since I had a big presentation to do on Friday, as well, this meant that I had a LOT to do. Had a panic attack, but my team calmed me down and agreed to help me. I worked until 1945, but then the Ocado man was due to deliver my groceries, so I went home and let him in. Made dinner. Went to bed.

Tuesday: Went to work. Scrambled to finish everything in time for Wednesday AM's presentation. It wasn't easy, but I got everything done in time. At 1530, left for the city. We had a thing in London...we were hosting a dinner to celebrate our suppliers' contribution to our business. We were at the Dali Universe, which is right next to the London Eye. Schmoozed, mingled, drank much wine. Networked my way to a possible job in China. Told our US CEO that I was on a death watch for the head of travel to retire so I could move back to Minnesota and run the travel division until I could overthrow him and run the company. Got rather drunk. Exited just in time to stand by the Thames at midnight while Big Ben chimed the hour. One of the coolest things EVER. Took a cab to my hotel, checked in, and went to my one bedroom suite. Was located very near the train tracks for all rail coming into Waterloo station, which meant that I had a great room and a great bed and got no sleep due to the clatter outside.

Wednesday: Up at 8, showered, quick breakfast, and went to do my presentation at a client's office near Piccadilly. Retarded doorman, but posh digs. Presentation went well, I think. Took the tube to Euston, grabbed a sandwich for the train, and took the train to MK. Taxi to office. Hell was breaking loose on my Friday project, so spent much time on my mobile phone. About 2 pm, crisis averted, I got a call from the Account Manager alerting me that the client wanted us to present at 5 PM on Thursday instead. Another panic attack. Worked until 2 AM finishing my presentation.

Thursday: In at 9 AM. Finished presentation, rehearsed, left for the client's at around 3PM. We were late starting, and then about 15 minutes into my presentation an obviously hostile member of the audience started asking all sorts of questions and derailed my plan. He was a COMPLETE jerk. I had answers for him, but got so frustrated I ended up asking if he wanted me to stop presenting and just review my budget so he could press all his concerns during my time allotted. Others in the room redirected. We ended up staying until 8PM, which was actually a good thing since the others in the group were very receptive to my ideas. It actually turned out to be a great presentation, especially considering that we'd moved it forward by 24 hours. Home around 930. Sucked the lifeblood out of three babies to alleviate my exhaustion (not really...that's just a joke for someone special, what since I'm a bitter middle-aged spinster.) Crashed into bed.

Friday: Had another deadline for Satan in the Office, who was in a strop that I'd not been working on her project while I'd been busy with these other things. (Word is she's complained to others, but she was sweet as pie to my face.) Had some follow up questions from the twat on Thursday's gig, so spent time revising budgets and researching new things, but got everything done around 6. Came home, ordered Chinese, watched American Idol and blogged excessively about it on American Idolatry, and went to bed.

Saturday: Up at 8, at uni by 9, spent the day working on my entrepreneurship project. Came home. Made three of these, two and a half of which I've consumed.

1 shot iced Stoly
1 shot Bombay Sapphire
splash of dry Martini vermouth
splash of olive juice
shake, don't stir, then pour on top of five olives and sip.

Am watching a show called When Will I Be Famous? which is hosted by Graham Norton and is a British Gong Show. Right now, there's an act called The Human Slinky performing. Quality. Dirty's kids should be watching. Will reheat the Chinese from last night for dinner and then head to bed early.

Sunday: Who knows? I have a crap load of research to do for ENT, and a project to work on for OB. On Tuesday I fly to Marrakesh for a few days, so tomorrow I must do laundry and pack, and that's my last day for school work before Friday, when we present a draft of our business plan.

Next week looks ridiculous, too, but at least I can shop in the souks.


Unknown said…
why is there no blood of innocent children in that cocktail? Blood of small children, particularly the blood of children who watch far too much televison is what gives us our strength, you know that.
Unknown said…
By the way, I adore you, have I mentioned that recently?
Melinda June said…
I adore you, too. You'll see I've deleted my anger from other people's blogs where I am responsible for the content. Please don't think me weak. I'm trying to be honourable.
Dale said…
I'll drink to your honour, yours too Lulu.
Melinda June said…
here's blood of the innocents in your eye, dale.

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