I'm off!

The last trip of my events career starts tonight. I'm off to Rio de Janeiro with a client. TOTALLY geared. This makes Australia and Antarctica the two continents I'm missing in my efforts to be on all of them, and both of those are do-able as a private traveler. I know these things seem silly, but it's kind of a thing we do in my family...how many states, how many Canadian provinces, how many countries have you been in? (More = better, FYI.)

When you work in my industry, traveling gets a bit ho-hum after awhile. Not that you don't enjoy yourself or the places you go, but you go enough places that you don't get the same thrill you do at the beginning, and most of the time you're working so your time isn't yours to spend like you would on a vacation. The hotels are nicer, of course, but you're still working. But Rio is high on my list of places I REALLY am excited about, and so it's a nice way to bid farewell to this part of my life.

Back on Sunday, hopefully with pictures.


Mark Larsen said…
Boa viagem, querida!
Just got back from Aruba, which is only 14 miles from Venezuela. So I was told I can basically say I've been to South America. Still ahead of you. I think. If you count Armenia as Asia. Actually you've been to Africa so we're even or you may even be ahead of me. Good thing I'm not competitive. Heh heh.
She promises pictures! Whoop!
I still can't figure out why was there no evidence of the NYC trip. Hopefully it was entirely debauched. Have fun, Blossom!
Tenacious S said…
Have a fabulous trip!
I hope you make it back in time to meet me in RAK. I'm doing MSP-DTW-DUS-DTW-MSP tomorrow, then working 2.5 days, then meting you after MSP-ORD-AMS-(Holland dinner with Mom & friend)-MAD-RAK.

Big fun to be had!
Have a great time Melinda June!!! I'm jealous as hell. You'd better book a trip to Australia soon!
Joe said…
Bon voyage!
Unknown said…
Come visit Australia! You'll love it. (Just ask Pam.) Drop a line if you ever need any info; I'm still living here in Melbourne.

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