Beat Surrender

I've been in a bit of post MBA slump. Kind of depressed. Kind of shiftless. Missing my friends. Feeling a bit lost. A bit melancholic. Fighting off a sore throat.

The job search is going in fits and starts. In the meantime I've given notice at my current job and am forcing myself to figure something out. I don't know whether to stay here or move back to the states. I have questions. I want more love in my day-to-day life, not just through emails and phone calls. I'm edgy. I feel that deep-seeded sort of restlessness I haven't felt since my 20's. Is this what a mid-life crisis feels like?

But it gets worse. Today I wore black pencil trousers, a white oxford shirt, a black leather jacket, leopard print doc marten boots and black and red chunky-framed glasses. It was like I was Enid in Ghost World when she tries to be a retro punk to avoid responsibility. Or like it was 1982. Either way, I'm a little old for that look.

Oh well. I'm bohemian, right?


Kireliols said…
Embrace it! I plan on wearing scarves and snoods this summer to grow my hair back out- let them talk.
lulu said…
Can you be Bohemian with an MBA?

COME TO ASIA! Seriously, think about it. The clothes are too small, but the tailoring is cheap.
Joe said…
I think that's an awesome look. And I don't think you're describing a midlife crisis--just the normal adjustment and letdown after finally accomplishing something you've worked so hard for.

As for coming back to the states or staying abroad...whew. That's a tough one.
Dale said…
As long as you don't look like a bo-Ho, you're fine.
michaelg said…
The chunky glasses made your look completely age appropriate because, let's face it, most younger folks don't need glasses yet.
Probably not a mid-life crisis. You're just on the cusp of a big life change. Hang on for the ride.

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