Momentous occassion

Tomorrow is my last day at work. My friend Michelle is taking me out for a celebratory dinner somewhere, then Thursday I fly to Marrakesh (we're staying here - how cool is that?!) to meet my friend Brad for a few days R&R, and next Tuesday the job search begins en force. I'm terrified, but I'm also very excited. VERY excited.

It's so odd to be leaving a job with nothing firm to move to. I've done it before. Heck, I've done it several times. And though it's a little easier each time, it's still somewhere between exhilarating and exhausting and bowel-spasmingly frightening. I don't know why - each time I do this I end up better off.

The first time I ditched a go-nowhere slacker life in MSP and followed the scent of El Ben to Seattle, which led me to my playgroup and an exciting job at a start-up working for a good-natured lunatic and I got to go to Hawaii several times a year and visit CP for the weekend on the commuter flight to LA. (I had a few bitchin' apartments there too, FYI, not to mention a fabulous unemployed summer sitting in the garden drinking coffee until 10 AM every day.)

The second time I followed CP to DC, and though I hated the city I had a few spectacular months where I could see him all the time, not just when I could afford the airfare. Every day if I wanted. Sometimes twice. (In case you didn't realise, CP+Mindy=MEGAFUN, a sure recipe for happiness.)

The third time I stopped in MSP again for a few years, which gave me time to reconnect with my old friends and a few new ones, and led me to my current employer, which has sent me travelling around the globe and moved me to the UK and paid for my MBA.

With a track record like this, how can I worry?

So even though I'm a bit panicky, I'm ready for a change and I'm confident that I'll be dancing a jig of success soon.


I'm excited for you. Who knows, I may be you in a few years. Except not as intellectual.
michaelg said…
Hooray! You're freeeeee! You have a great attitude about big life changes that is enviable.

Now that you've had some adventures, don't you think it's time to settle down in Decorah with a nice man in Wranglers with a 1980 F-150? Okay. Maybe not just yet.
They've all moved up to Levi's now MG. And the trucks are at least 1990 or so! But hey, they know how to make lefse AND butter it for you too! If you catch a good one, he'll even make you some rommegrot on a cold winter night.

Your life sounds soooo fun M! Enjoy your search and your 10am coffee.

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