Ode to Perfection, vol. 1

Shop Around by The Captain and Tennille is an outstanding example of seventies pop music. Toni Tennille's broad word chewing and the funky synthetic rhythm stylings of her chapeau-ed balding husband stand the test of time. When the iPod spits this one out, composure be damned. It's time to boogie and lip sync.

There's even perfectly timed "Whooo!"-ing. Someone should incorporate this song into a chick flick. You know, they can play it over an independent career woman's series of comically bad dates, leading up to the meet-cute when she encounters her true love (who she initially can't stand) and gives up her hardened ways for the man of her dreams. All the 40-something women like me that used to sing this song into hairbrushes as girls would really dig it.

Oh, wait. The song's about relying on yourself and not settling for the mundane.

But it's got good beat, and you can dance to it. Quick. Someone call Nora Ephron.


Cup said…
It would also work for the rom-com dance-around in boutiques. Because I always boogie while shopping for skirts.
michaelg said…
Fun fact to know and tell: Toni Tenille was the female back up singer on Pink Floyd's The Wall.
Who knew she had it in her?
BeckEye said…
I adore The Captain and Tennille. Except for that Muskrat Love nonsense.

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