I'm back

Me. And the Copa. Copacabana. Which, by the way, is hot but not actually north of Havana.

The view from my hotel room.

My hotel room. (FYI, I could lay crosswise on that bed and neither head nor foot would hang off the edge.)

Jesus Christ! That statue is HUGE!

Where I spent Friday.

Gratuitous nephew shot that I found when I downloaded my pictures. Teaches me to leave a camera unattended.

Tom and George at my hometown McDonald's (with Norwegian welcome sign).

My brother and his children enjoying a bit of culture at Christmas time.


lulu said…
You look so happy in your photo. What a great career you've had.

I'm hoping that you'll be in the States this summer when I am home so that we can see each other...
I totally forgot about that picture - I have to email it to Oddrun.

The TV looks weird in the middle of that hotel room.
Joe said…
I love those pictures!

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