A few photos

The view of the Koutoubia from our balcony. Each of those "windows" has a blast-horn speaker to shout out the daily calls to prayer. Might-e-fine wakeup call if you want to get up before dawn.

Typical of the souks...these are streets, with donkey cart and motor-scooter and foot traffic and all, with restaurants and storefronts just like any other street. But they;'re covered, and they feel like an open air shopping mall with stall after stall of goods.

Our green carriage driver, Mustaffa, who took us around the ramparts. He spoke no English, but I smiled and nodded like I understood French. He was sweet, bless him, and really wanted to be of help.

A typical tagine, this one with lamb and prunes.

In the hotel bar, they served my drinks with a rose garnish because I am a Lady.

A cautionary tale on what happens to girls who can't say no. The sad thing is, if I weren't in a job search I would have totally grooved on this and paid to have a really nice one done while sitting, instead of this scribble that is even worse for the fact that I wouldn't hold still.

I think this was Brad's favourite part about Marrakech. The brown-haired guy in the tank is GWB. The one in the white turban in Osama bin Laden, who is holding a machine gun. The train moves in circles, with GWB chasing the terrorist threat but never catching up. They were everywhere.


Joe said…
These pictures are working hard on my wanderlust. I love the picture of the souk. And what was the drink? It looked like a mojito
Melinda June said…
Bubs, you would LOVE it there. There is so much to see - it's insane. And it IS, in fact, a mojito. Funny thing about Islamic countries...no classic native cocktails! Though they do some mean stuff with juices.
Joe said…
I just got done attending a 3 day class relating to Islam and fundamentalist terror groups. The last presenter focused on North Africa, and it was interesting seeing Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia contrasted with the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. I'd love to visit Morocco.
Thymm Symmz said…
Alaaaaaaaaah oooah akbar!!!!

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